RetroGun Controller Board V1

RetroGun Board V1

The RetroGun Controller Board V1 was designed for a client who needed to drive the effects on a space gun prop that he was building.

The design needed to:

  • Be as small as possible
  • Control a plasma ball (5V)
  • Run a rumble motor (5V)
  • Drive a green laser diode (4V)
  • Play a sound at power up and another sound when a trigger is pulled

Actions on power up:

  • Play a power up sound
  • Power up the plasma ball

Actions on trigger pull:

  • Power off the plasma ball
  • Fire the laser
  • Run the rumble motor
  • Play a laser sound

I based the design on the ATmega328P and used N-Channel MOFETs to drive the behavior of the various devices.

To reduce the size of the board (and to save time), I used Adafruit’s MicroSD card breakout board+.

This video shows the behavior of the board:

Design notes:
  • Even though the trigger employs ATmega328P’s internal pull-up resistor, I found that was insufficient on the the final board.  Most likely due to the proximity of the plasma ball.  This causes the event to trigger anytime a person came close to the switch wire.  Adding an external, 30K pull-up resistor solved the problem.
  • Client is still working on the design for the gun.  More pictures to follow!
RetroGun Schematic
View the schematic


View the Sketch

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